Because I don't do social media.

I'm starting Build for Equity

I'll build your product in exchange for equity.

Next.js dynamic RSS feed

An example of how to get a dynamic rss.xml file with Next.js.

Migrate from Vercel to Serverless

Code examples and snippets for the Serverless Framework.

Budget Zen is now available everywhere.

New versions released for iPadOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Web!

Budgets, Calm is now Budget Zen.

The name and domain changed!

"News, calm" is now BlogInMail.

"News, calm" confused some people, and also the ".sh" TLD.

Using GitHub Actions as a (web)cron

Suggestions on using the schedule property in workflows for running HTTP requests or any script with your code

Simple Next.js Boilerplate

A simple boilerplate for Next.js, with TypeScript, SASS/SCSS, Styled Components, Jest, ESLint, Prettier, and deployed with Vercel.

Calculadora IMT

Saiba quanto dinheiro precisa para a compra de uma casa em Portugal.

Releasing Day EP (Music)

After over 3 years, I made 3 new instrumental/electronic tracks. Available wherever you get music from.

"Healthy, slow" is my new eBook.

The story of how I lost 30kg in 5 years. You can order it from the Kindle store.

Focusd is now "News, calm".

Now you can turn your websites into a daily digest.

Budgets, Calm for macOS.

The companion macOS app for managing budgets and expenses in a simple way.

Budgets, Calm.

An iOS app for managing budgets and expenses in a simple way.

Shurley you can trust user input?

Shurley is a tiny NPM package/library that parses URLs in a forgiving way.

Micro-fiction and short stories

Stories is my new place to share micro-fiction and short stories.

Putting numbers in perspective

You can learn how long it takes to count to any given number at It takes about an hour to count to one thousand.

Slow growth companies

I launched a job board for companies and people focused on slow growth and a directory of companies of one.

Web3 Type Converter

I built this tool so I could easily convert a hex/bytes32 string into a string or number (and vice versa).

There is a better way to read RSS

For over a year I’ve been reading articles from RSS feeds only once a day, and now I’m making it possible and easy for anyone to do that as well.