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Simple Browser Message Encryption

Encrypt and decrypt messages using AES-GCM-256, in your browser, safely.

tl;dr; You can encrypt and decrypt messages securely here. You can also see the simple code for it.

Why AES-GCM-256?

Because it's a very secure symmetric cryptographic algorithm that is natively supported in Browsers and in Deno.

Why for the browser?

Because you generally have it in every device. Note this is also a PWA that works offline, so you can install it and use it to encrypt/decrypt messages even without a network connection in most devices.

Why not just use Signal or Threema?

Ignoring the problem of having to trust an entity, sometimes people just don't have it.

Why not just use PGP?

I prefer it whenever I can, but it's not trivial to setup and use for non-technical people. Its assymetric encryption nature is much better.

But you still need to securely share the encryption password.

Indeed. And you can do it in person once, or perhaps describe it to the other person (e.g. "use my phone number" or "use your email address") instead of sharing it explicitly.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for your attention and kindness. I really appreciate it!