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Simple Deno Website Boilerplate

A simple Deno website starter template

tl;dr; Check out Deno Boilerplate — Simple Website on GitHub.

Deno has been a lot of fun to work with in the last couple of months, and especially with a server@edge architecture, deployed via Deno Deploy.

I've got a couple of recent projects working in this setup now, and as I've been enjoying the simple and powerful nature of Deno and enforcing restraints on myself to not use any third-party dependencies, I decided to get something going to help me start new projects "from scratch" in this way.

You can find it in GitHub at

It doesn't have any frameworks or third-party dependencies. It's all standard web APIs. In some places it's so much simpler, and in others a bit more verbose than using a framework, but it works really well, is faster than any framework, isn't a SPA, doesn't have build, bundle or other tooling steps, and I love its maintainability. It's like a throwback to early 2000s, but without the fragmented standards and unsupported browsers. So much better.

I hope you enjoy it.

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