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Releasing Loggit for iOS and Android

A kind of Recordari 2.

tl;dr; Check out Loggit.

Recordari is one of the oldest apps I have in the Apple App Store that's still available and somewhat up to date (probably because I chose to write it in Swift as it was coming out), but that has prevented me from releasing it for other platforms or even improve it in some frequently-requested was (like family sharing), so I decided to rewrite it, using Expo, which I had also used for Budget Zen.

If you have paid for Recordari before, let me know and I'll get you a coupon code so you don't have to pay for Loggit.

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you!

P.S.: If you're wondering why there hasn't been an "update" here for almost a year and a half, it's because I've been writing stories and drawing, a lot more than engineering software, on my free time.

Note from November 2021: The app is no longer available in the "Big Tech Stores", but you can still use the linked GitHub to download the APK or build from source yourself.