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New Blogs for Budget Zen and Loggit

Budget Zen and Loggit now have their own blogs.

tl;dr; Budget Zen and Loggit now have their own blogs, for tips, ideas, and product updates.

As I'm shifting my focus towards Budget Zen and Loggit, and because I don't want to pay Big Tech for advertising, I need to focus on writing more content geared towards those two products. As this blog is a mix of all the things I work on, I decided it would be better for each of them to have their own blog, which will have their more dedicated content.

That means you will no longer see product updates about Budget Zen or Loggit here, but rather on their own new blogs.

I hope you enjoy that new content which will now include tips & ideas, as well as the usual product updates.

Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you!