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Budgets, Calm.

Simple Budget & Expense Management

tl;dr; Check out Budgets, Calm. It's free until January 19th!

For many years I've used Oikon and Oikon 2, which does simple expense management, and it was great to get a sense of my overall spending. Currently with over 11k customers and no marketing, it definitely seems to be helping people.

However, once I wanted to get a bit more in order with our household spending, my budget had to be split into categories instead of a single "universal" one, which meant I had to resort to using spreadsheets for the last couple of years (I tried many apps, and nothing fit. They've all got too many unnecessary features for me, and also didn't allow me to control my data).

So after Christmas I decided I wanted to build an app using Expo, and this would be a great candidate, as the experience of managing these budgets was far from ideal, so the idea for "Budgets, Calm." was born!

Currently it's available only for iOS, and I'll be working on a macOS version to be released soon, as I need to also manage my budgets from my laptop.

It's free until January 19th, and the source code is available in GitHub.

Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you!