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Slow growth companies

A job board and a directory

tl;dr; I launched a job board for companies and people focused on slow growth and a directory of companies of one.

I left Zapier a few months ago and have since been looking for the next place to help. Because of that I've been staring at job boards and job ads for the last few months, and noticed a worrying trend:

A lot of companies today are very focused on "rapid growth", being "fast growing", staying in a "hockey stick trajectory" and talk about it as if that's the only way to grow or reason to hire. If you're not growing, you're dwindling.

I don't believe that's the case. I think you can get a much better experience when you question growth and stay intentionally small, having growth not mean "more", but learning contentment, improving.

A great book came out recently with stories from companies who support this more balanced view, Company of One by Paul Jarvis, which I highly recommend, and you can even get its blinks from Blinkist.

Another excellent recent resource I cannot recommend enough is It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work by Basecamp's founders.

The idea isn't necessarily new, but it's definitely challenging the status quo. I'd love to change that, but these companies, by definition, don't hire often.

Also, it still is really hard to find such companies, and even harder to filter them out from the endless job posts of the "fast growing startups".

So to help with that, I built a simple job board and reached out to some companies of one I know of, in order to give people a place to find such companies, and companies a place to put their rare openings and finding like-minded people.

Additionally, and because these companies often hire other companies instead of hiring people I also built a simple company directory, in order to help companies of one find and support each other.

I'd really appreciate it if you could share this resource with companies and people who share similar values (and who don't as well, we can grow by sharing and questioning our assumptions), so we can make it more useful.

Thank you for your kindness and attention.