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Simple Next.js Boilerplate

A simple Next.js starter template

tl;dr; Check out Next.js Boilerplate — Simple on GitHub.

I've been enjoying working with Next.js in the last couple of years, and especially with a serverless architecture, deploying to Zeit Vercel.

I've got most of my projects working in this setup now, and so as I was starting to work on a couple of things more recently, I decided to pick one that I've had in production for a few months without issues, strip it to the bare essentials, and update all dependencies.

It's in GitHub at

If people find these useful, I'll start a collection and release some with basic stuff like connecting to MongoDB, sending emails via Mailgun, passwordless user login, and more.

Note from July 2020: I've created another Next.js Boilerplate, now using FaunaDB and ElasticSearch, and now you can see more in this Next.js Boilerplates list!

Let me know what would you like seeing more!

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for your attention and kindness. I really appreciate it!