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I'm starting Build for Equity

I'll build your product in exchange for equity.

tl;dr; I'm starting Build for Equity, where I offer my expertise to build your project in exchange for equity.

For the last couple of years I've been focused on Sunsama, wearing multiple hats, and I'm still enjoying that a ton, especially as we're still a tiny team of 5 people.

However, I've felt myself longing for the thrill of starting something fresh, building something new. That was the main reason why the second company I built was a software agency, so that feeling isn't something new for me, but after many successes after over 10 years, I decided to experiment working on a single product. After failing to turn a few products profitable, I joined Zapier (when it had less than 30 people) and a few years later eventually joined Sunsama as their first technical hire.

The most interesting and unexpected thing about working for a single company or product instead of an agency is that there's always so much to do (especially at less than 100 people), and you can really spend time focused on a specific area and product for a while, and then move on to something else. It's not really the same as "starting something new" or something fresh, though; it's different kinds of challenges.

The reason why I decided to experiment working on a single product/company was also because I wasn't enjoying always starting new things. There's some depth that ends up missing that feels extremely satisfying, so I'm looking for a balance between new things and a focus on growing something.

Since I'm happily employed at Sunsama and I don't want to lose that, I started searching for ways to scratch that itch of building something new. I've got my own ideas and projects like Budget Zen and BlogInMail, which I'm happy with and are profitable, even if their revenue doesn't reach $1k / month combined, yet. And I'm not looking to grow them quickly, since that will likely cause other problems.

So what I did find was that there are many people who have ideas, who aren't technical, and are looking for a technical cofounder or partner to get their product turned into a reality. I'm thinking about helping them.

I'm not looking to freelance or just make more money, and I value my free time way too much to simply work for free, so I've decided to offer up to 10h / week for people with validated ideas (i.e. paying customers or confirmed people interested in paying), where I'll use my expertise to help the best I can, in exchange for equity. It's a kind of investment.

There are definitely some industries and types of apps that I don't like building or don't appreciate working with, so I identify those there clearly. This is meant to be something that I'll be excited about turning into a reality, so I'll be very picky.

You can find that information at Build for Equity.

Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate you!