Because I don't do social media.

I don't want your email for a newsletter

Keep your privacy.

tl;dr; Use a Feed Reader or BlogInMail if you want to get updates from me via email.

Thank you, but I don't want your email.

It's unfortunately all too common nowadays to ask for an email to "subscribe for updates" or "get the latest information".

It'll show up in the header, in the footer, in sidebar, in your website, your app, your blog, in an "exit popup", and I just think it's a bad pattern.

Yet, I'm told it's "essential", and that "it converts". It's got a great "ROI". Well, not for me. I don't sign up for those.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like receiving my news in my email, but in a way I control them. That's why I created BlogInMail.

It also protects my privacy because the blogs won't learn about my email address until I sign up for the product itself.

You can follow this blog (and my other websites/products/apps that don't have their own blog will also reference this one) via a standard, open way, with RSS, Atom, or JSON Feeds.

That allows you to read the content as you want, instead of having to give away your email and all the information about when you opened it, when you read it, and when you "converted".

Maybe I'm the exception. Maybe everyone wants to give away their email to have drip campaigns slowly convince them to try a product. That won't happen with me, sorry. Keep your email.

The only way for me to have your email, is if you create an account for one of my products / apps, and that happens only so that I can reach you in case of any problems.

If you really want to get updates from me on your email, use BlogInMail or any of its alternatives. If you just want updates, use your browser, or a feed reader. I'm not interested in keeping an email list.