Because I don't do social media.

"Healthy, slow" is my new eBook.

The story of how I lost 30kg in 5 years.

tl;dr; Check out "Healthy, slow" on Amazon, and all my other "longer-form written things" on my website

I've been writing this book for a few months now, and recently, during my editing process, I decided to scrape out a lot of it and change the writing style dramatically. The result was something about a third of the original size, and written in a much more concise way.

Initially it was written as my "internal voice", showing what I was feeling, what I was thinking, and what motivated me, which I've come to appreciate a lot, but it ultimately felt wrong for this subject, and I've also had the opportunity to experiment more with the latter in my personal monthly newsletter.

After rewriting it in a more conversational tone (and "telling", instead of "showing"), and simplifying it a great deal, I was actually satisfied with how it turned out, so I just published it via Kindle (exclusively for now, I'll eventually put it on other platforms).

Interestingly, now it's too small to be published physically by Amazon (15 physical pages, the minimum is 24), which is fine, even if I'm a big fan of physical books.

There's also a list of other longer-form things I have written at in my website now (linked on top).

I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for your attention and kindness. I really appreciate it!