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Focusd is now "News, calm".

Read your news once per day.

tl;dr; Check out News, calm. You can now add any website to your daily digest!

Focusd was now renamed to “News, calm”, and it’s not just the design and name that changed, there’s a new piece of functionality that allows you to follow any website, not just RSS Feeds!

For some context, in September of 2018 I launched Focusd, and since then I've learned that the main reason people didn't end up using it after the trial was that most people who want to slow down and spend less time reading news didn't actually know much about RSS, or if their websites had it.

So after many incremental improvements, I decided to rename the product. I redesigned it because most also didn't like the plain dark theme (even if I'm a big fan of dark mode).

So now, when you add a website for which the app can't find an RSS feed, it'll create one internally and scrape the website periodically for any updates, to later send in your daily digest.

There are still some improvements that can be made, but this solved the main problem people experienced which prevented them from using the app.

Note from November 2020: "News, calm." has been renamed to BlogInMail Check the announcement here.

Thank you for your attention and kindness. I really appreciate it!